HEy beautiful,

I’m Ali Anderson and I have been on an incredible journey.

I became a mum at 19 and boy did that change my world quickly. I finally knew what true love felt like and was so utterly in love with my beautiful baby girl.

I was in a shitty relationship at the time and my world around me was slowly crumbling down around me. My little girl was my saviour and my distraction. I gave my all to her.

I pretended to be ok, hiding behind my shield of shame and embarrassment. Not wanting to worry my loved ones and friends but in the end couldn’t go on that path and finally left that shitty situation.

When my daughter was 3 I met the man of my dreams and when she was 7 we had our son. He suffered from multiple food intolerances, a food allergy and horrible eczema. His first few years of life were hard. Although we were on a journey to heal him I became sleep deprived, lost a lot of weight and felt super alone.

I became a grumpy mum, my relationship with my daughter was suffering. We would scream and yell at each other everyday. I was not the mum I wanted to be. I know now she was just after connection.

My daughter was 12 when I woke up one day and thought is this really how life is? This is not how I want life to be, this is not how I want to feel, this is not how I want my relationships to be like.

Surely there is a better way right?

I had completely lost the person I once was, my true self, she was gone. I wasn’t the person I wanted to be, for myself, for my children. I didn’t know who I was other than being a mum and a wife. Who the bloody hell was I?

I’ve been on a journey to find my true self ever since. I’ve learned some amazingness along the way and I can’t wait to share it with you all.

Let’s thrive together.

Ali xx